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        การเงิน การ ธนาคาร

        We design, deliver and manage core technology for decision makers like you. Helping you to create value, protect your world and accelerate change in today’s digital world.

        See how we have helped businesses like yours

        The 2021 Cloud Native Engagement Report

        Digital Transformation is the word on everyone's lips. The most popular, or certainly most talked about route to transformation is overwhelmingly the adoption of cloud. 

        With all the noise and disruption, we wanted to understand what cloud transformation really meant to IT Teams. 

        Striking the Right Balance

        We asked 220 IT Professionals across the UK how they felt about moving their organisation to the cloud - the results may surprise you.

        We solve your IT challenges

        Offering innovative solutions and exceptional delivery, our team of experts help enterprises like yours solve their biggest challenges. Use our handy tool below to find your biggest IT challenge and see how Ideal can help.

        Network Infrastructure

        Our expertise can help you to:

        • Protect your network
        • Minimise outages
        • Support and protect your mobile users
        • Connect to multiple clouds securely

        Cloud and Data Centre

        Our platforms expertise can help you to:

        • Drive your platform strategy
        • Leverage cloud capabilities and innovate applications
        • Enable a modern workforce
        • Improve platform cost control


        Our expertise can help you to:

        • Keep your data secure
        • Proactively identify potential threats
        • Provide full visibility across your network
        • Protect your users wherever they are

        Our services

        We design, deliver and manage core technology to help you create value, protect your world and accelerate change.

        Managed IT services

        Looking to improve IT efficiency, achieve your up-time and outages targets and deliver more business-critical IT? At Ideal we provide enterprise expertise from our always-on Customer Service Centre to increase service availability and liberate your IT team to focus on business transformation.


        IT Consulting

        Leverage our deep consultancy expertise across network, security, collaboration and platforms. We truly take the time to understand your organisation and the challenges you face to design a solution which achieves your business goals.

        IT Project Delivery

        Experts at delivering transformational technology across your entire infrastructure. We offer tailored and flexible implementation and always guarantee results.

        Our clients

        Don’t just take our word for it, see how we’ve created value for our customers.
        Supporting 82,000 spectators and an extensive conferencing and events offering, the RFU's future-proof network is an enabler for agility and innovation.
        Read our RFU case study
        The new infrastructure not only supports the RFU's match day delivery but also its extensive conferencing and events offering. The network can meet any challenge allowing the RFU to be agile, and also prepared for new technological advancements and demands with a future-proof enterprise network.
        By far the best vendor I’ve ever dealt with. Ideal has always successfully and quickly resolved any issues that have risen.”
        Christopher Jackson, Senior Security Analyst, IKEA
        “Ideal was recommended to us and I’ve been impressed with their deep technical ability, in particular quickly resolving complex issues.”
        Kashif Iqbal, Head of Network and Security, SEGA Europe

        Our promise to you

        24/7/365 UK based service centre

        100% response SLA 98.9% resolve SLA

        Deep technical expertise

        A friendly and trustworthy extension of your IT team


        Free guides, tips and lessons from our expert team at Ideal.

        Ideal SD-WAN animation

        Manage your entire network from a centralised dashboard, quickly and securely deploy new branches via any transport, and automate operational workflows.

        Security Intelligence: A Buyer’s Guide to Managed SIEM

        After reading this guide you should know whether SIEM or Managed SIEM is the right solution for your business and how to pick the perfect partner.

        Modern workplace: Strengthen collaboration, mobility and security with Microsoft 365

        Modern Workplace from Ideal combines the best of Office 365, Windows 10 and cloud-ready security technologies into a single intelligent platform.

        Our Technology Partners

        We combine our expertise with best-of-breed technology to deliver transformational network, security, collaboration and platforms solutions.

        Offering software-defined networking, modern worker security and collaboration technologies..

        See more

        Find out about our partners

        We partner with market-leading technology vendors.

        See all our partners

        Protecting your business from threats and security breaches.

        See more

        Book a free consultation with one of our experts

        Book in for a free consultation with one of our network, security, collaboration or platforms experts to understand how we can help create value, protect and accelerate change in your digital business.

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